Denplan For Children

This is an excellent scheme providing private dentistry for children for small monthly payments. More information can be found here.

There are two levels of care and the benefits of each are listed below:

  • Silver Plan
    £10.21 per month (equivalent to less than £2.55 per week)
    Detailed clinical examinations carried out six-monthly or as required,
    Printed consultation report and "Oral Health Score" to give incentive to children,
    Printed advice leaflets where required to explain treatments and preventive care.
    Routine x-rays as required,
    Personal advice and instruction on the best ways to clean teeth and care for gums,
    Detailed and specific advice on diet aimed at preventing decay,
    Adult teeth sealed with bonded fissure sealant when appropriate to make them more resistant to decay,
    Family / group discounts can save you up to £15% on your family's Denplan fees.

  • Gold Plan
    £15.74 per month (equivalent to less than £3.94 per week)
    Everything in the silver plan plus:
    Up to 2 appointments for fillings per year using white fillings if appropriate,
    Topical fluoride treatment where necessary,
    One custom made sports mouthguard at cost price per year when required.

Denplan - at the heart of dental care

Denplan for children at St Dunstan's Dental PracticePersonal advice and instruction