Family Dentistry

Children's dentistry
Teeth can and should last a lifetime. We place great emphasis on a preventive approach especially for children and will give up to date advice and encouragement. This begins with the advice that we can offer to mothers-to-be and we are always keen to help you with the preventive care of your child's teeth as this will help ensure a lifetime of minimal dentistry. Where treatment is required we do everything we can to make this a comfortable and worry free experience.

Children under 16 should be accompanied on the first visit by a parent or guardian.

Cosmetic Dentistry
Much of dentistry is concerned with the restoration of function and comfort, albeit as aesthetically as possible. Sometimes however, the cosmetic result is of paramount importance. Tooth coloured fillings, cosmetic composite bonding, veneers, crowns, bridges and dental implants are routine in our practice. We also provide virtually invisible braces using clear aligner technology to correct crooked teeth, and various tooth whitening procedures to achieve a highly desirable smile whilst preserving healthy tooth tissue

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